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2014 Reorganization Meeting

CalendarAs reported by Elsa Kerschner in the Northwestern Press.

The Heidelberg Township reorganization meeting was held on January 6, 2014.

Board of Supervisors
The meeting began with Chairman Steve Bachman thanking Forrest Wessner III for his six years of service to the township and welcoming Rodney Schlauch as the newest member of the board.

Bachman was renamed chairman of the board for 2014, with David Fink as vice chairman.

The administrator-secretary-treasurer is Janice Meyers, formerly Janice Bortz, who was married last November.

A bond of $500,000 was set for the treasurer.

The law firm of Steckel and Stopp, Slatington, will continue to serve as solicitor, with Charles Waters as representative.

Keystone Consulting Engineers, with representative Roy Stewart, will provide engineering services.

Supervisors’ meetings will be the third Thursday of each month, a change from the previous second Thursdays. As Stewart is also the engineer for Lynn Township, which has a second Thursday meeting, the change was needed.

Planning Commission
The Planning Commission meets the fourth Monday of the month. Patti Fenstermacher was added to the Planning Commission Board. Her term will run through December 2017. Supervisor Schlauch will continue his term on the planning commission, as there is only one year remaining.

Zoning Hearing Board
The Zoning Hearing Board will meet the third Monday of the month, as needed. Mary Beth Dolinich was named to the Zoning Hearing Board and Steve Dymond is an alternate for the Zoning Board for a three-year term.

Lee Behler will serve as chairman of the vacancy board.

Zoning and Building Code Enforcement
Roy Stewart, from Keystone Consulting Engineers, continues as the Zoning and Enforcement Officer. Codemaster Inspection Services will serve as the building, plumbing, electrical and building code officer. Blue Mountain Services is the alternate building, plumbing and electrical inspector.

Sewage Enforcement
Carl Wolfe is the Sewage Enforcement Officer, with Scott Bieber as alternate.

Tax Collection Committee
Phyllis Breininger was named to the tax collection committee with Meyers serving as alternate.

Environmental Advisory Council
The Environmental Advisory Council will meet on the second Tuesday. All meetings begin 7:30 p.m.

Matt Nemeth is the Emergency Management Coordinator.

A new fund, for the fire company tax fund, was added at New Tripoli Bank, in addition to the general fund, state fund, special revenue fund, recreation fund and the turnback fund for Werley’s Corner Road.

Road Maintenance Deptartment
Kevin Huber continues as roadmaster at a rate of $24.25 per hour. Travis Moyer is a road crew worker at $19 per hour. Eric Lynch receives $17.60 for his position with the road crew. Alex Huber, Scott Christman and Jonathan Pasiek each receive $15 per hour. All three supervisors are part-time working roadmasters with their rate of pay to be set by the auditors.

Northwestern PressSchlauch will head office operations; Fink will be in charge of reporting on public works, and Bachman will handle parks and recreation, including as representative to the Northwestern Recreation Commission.

Fink was named voting delegate to the PSATS convention with all supervisors, the township administrator and road superintendent eligible to attend.

Use of a private vehicle for township business will be reimbursed at 56 cents per mile or at the current IRS rate.

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