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A Community of Distinction

Heidelberg Township was one of 4 municipalities nominated for the Lehigh Valley Planning Commission’s 2017 Community of Distinction Award!

This award honors a community that exemplifies consistent plans and policies that support efficient and sustainable development, land management, and resourcefulness.

To be awarded the Community of Distinction, a municipality had to be nominated by a Lehigh County Commissioner and asked by the LVPC to make a presentation to the judging panel.

Each presentation must demonstrate a strong commitment to planning and implementation, consistent with the Comprehensive Plan ~ The Lehigh Valley… 2030 and exemplify innovation across other award categories.

The other municipalities that were nominated were: Bethlehem Township, Catasauqua Borough, and Portland Borough.

The winner (Catasauqua Borough) was announced at the Lehigh Valley Planning Commission Gala & Awards on October 17th.

All municipalities that were nominated received an award recognizing them as a Well Planned Community.

Below is the presentation that was given in front of the judges.

Heidelberg Township Community of Distinction Presentation