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Zoning and Building Code Enforcement


PLEASE NOTE:  Permits can be submitted by email, mail, or in person at the municipal building. If you are submitting a permit application by email you will need to mail or drop off a check for the application fee. Please contact the permitting office with any questions by email at or by calling 610-767-9297 x1. 

The municipal office is OPEN Monday-Thursday 8 am to 5 pm and Fridays by appointment only.

The Vestibule area is OPEN and there is a video intercom system for contactless service. You can get forms, speak with staff and drop off applications in the vestibule. If the service you need is not available in the vestibule, staff can remotely open the vestibule door to allow access.

Applications must meet the 2018 building code as adopted by Pennsylvania. Click here for more information on building codes in PA. 

Zoning Officer, Floodplain Manager, Building Code Office Assistant, and Emergency Management Coordinator
Dawn Didra, CZO
610-767-9297 ext. 2

Alternate Zoning Officer 
Keystone Consulting Engineers

Building Code Official (BCO)
Paul Jarrett – Lehigh Valley Inspection Service

P.O. Box 423, Orefield, PA 18069
Phone: 610-395-3827

Building Inspectors:
LTL Consultants, Ltd.
P.O. Box 241 Oley, PA 19547
Phone: 610-987-9290

Download the Heidelberg Township Zoning Permit Application *Please note: Line 18 and the Addendum page must be signed by the property owner. 

Download the Heidelberg Township Agricultural Exemption Form. This form must be signed by the property owner and notarized.

Download the Heidelberg Township Complaint Form

Codification of Heidelberg Township Ordinances
In 2010, Keystate Publishing did a codification of all Heidelberg Township Ordinances. To view the ordinances and the zoning map, go to Code Of Ordinances under the Permit heading.