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Zoning Permits

PLEASE NOTE:  Permits can be submitted by email, mail, or in person at the municipal building. If you are submitting a permit application by email you will need to mail or drop off a check for the application fee. Please contact the permitting office with any questions by email at or by calling 610-767-9297 x1. 

The municipal office is OPEN Monday-Thursday 8 am to 5 pm, Fridays by appointment only.

The Vestibule area is OPEN and there is a video intercom system for contactless service. You can get forms, speak with staff and drop off applications in the vestibule. If the service you need is not available in the vestibule, staff can remotely open the vestibule door to allow access.

Zoning Ordinance Section 27-1203 ~ G ~ 1
No person shall erect, convert, move, or add any sign or change the use of any land or structure, or establish any business until the Zoning Officer issues a zoning permit to the person/applicant for said change or construction or use. No zoning permit is required for normal maintenance and repairs.

Please call the township office BEFORE SCHEDULING OR BEGINNING WORK to verify if a permit is required. Most permits require detailed drawings of the property including all structures, driveway, septic, well with dimensions and distances clearly marked.  If you are unsure of what is needed for your permit please contact the Zoning Office.

Zoning Permits are required for buildings, garages, sheds, etc. that meet the following criteria:

  • less than 1000 sq. ft.
  • over 1000 sq. ft. but agricultural use only (no public access)
  • not attached to another building

Application for Zoning Permit
Reviewed by Zoning Officer
Reviewed by BCO
Download the Heidelberg Township Zoning Permit (PDF). *Please note: Line 18 and the Addendum page must be signed by the property owner.

  • Permit expires one year from date of issuance
  • Work must be completed by expiration date

All fees must be paid prior to any permits being issued. Checks payable to Heidelberg Township.
Filing Fee: $60.00 non-refundable
Permit Fee for Construction: $5.00 per 100 sq. ft or fraction thereof
Change of Use: $50.00

12 sq ft or less: $10.00
13 sq ft to 100 sq ft: $30.00
100 sq ft to 500 sq ft: $60.00
All Signs 500 sq ft or more and all Billboards will need UCC Permits

Required Documents
Three (3) copies of a plot plan showing all existing or proposed improvements within the lot. Improvements include all structures, well location, septic tank and drain field or central sewer lines and driveway area. Exact dimensions and setbacks must be shown if improvements are proposed less than ten (10) feet from the required setbacks. Provide a Brief statement of intent for use of the structure.

All applications, where required, must be signed by the record owner and applicant.

Codification of Heidelberg Township Ordinances
In 2010, Keystate Publishing did a codification of all Heidelberg Township Ordinances. The Code of Ordinance can be found under the permit heading or by clicking here.


Downloadable Forms (PDF)

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