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Board of Supervisors

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic Heidelberg Township Supervisors will hold their monthly meeting using ZOOM. The meeting will be held Monday May 18, 2020 at 7:30pm remotely using ZOOM.

PLEASE NOTE: The Township building is closed to the public and the meeting cannot be accessed by going to the Township building.

The draft agenda for the May meeting and draft meeting minutes from April can be found below. Public comments can be given by emailing or you can contact Janice Meyers either Friday May 15, 2020 or Monday May 18, 2020 from 2 pm to 4 pm for information on how to join the meeting remotely by calling 610-767-9297 x 14.

Heidelberg Township, Lehigh County is a township of the second class governed by a three member Board of Supervisors that is elected at large by the qualified voters of the Township for staggered six-year terms. The Board of Supervisors serves both legislative and administrative and executive functions. Their duties include but are not limited to:

  • Ensure sound fiscal management
  • Secure the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of the Township
  • Responsible for the maintenance of Township-owned equipment
  • Responsible for the maintenance of Township-owned roads and bridges
  • Adopting and enforcement building and zoning regulations.

Board of Supervisors (Elected)
Meeting Schedule: 3rd Thursday of each month at 7:30 PM
Janice M. Meyers
Township Solicitor
Charles Waters, Esquire
Steckel & Stopp
Township Engineer
Christopher Noll
Keystone Consulting Engineers
Member: David O. Fink (Dec 2021)
Chairman: Steve Bachman (Dec 2023)Vice Chairman: Jonathan Jakum (Dec 2025)
Board of Supervisors Meeting Agendas
*Please note agendas posted here are drafts and may change prior to the scheduled meeting.
When possible agendas will be posted here the Monday before the scheduled meeting.
Year: 2020
Draft Regular Meeting Agenda 05/18/20
Board of Supervisors Minutes
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Year: 2020
Reorganization Meeting 1/6/2020Regular Meeting 1/6/2020
Regular Meeting 2/20/2020Regular Meeting 3/19/20
Draft Regular Meeting 3/16/20
Year: 2019
Reorganization Meeting 1/7/2019Regular Meeting 1/7/2019
Regular Meeting 2/28/2019Regular Meeting 3/21/19
Regular Meeting 4/18/19Regular Meeting 5/16/19
Regular Meeting 6/20/19Regular Meeting 7/18/19
Regular Meeting 8/15/19Special Meeting 9/19/19
Regular Meeting 9/19/19Special Meeting 10/17/19
Regular Meeting 10/17/19Regular Meeting 11/21/19
Regular Meeting 12/19/19
Year: 2018
Reorganization Meeting 1/2/2018Regular Meeting 1/18/2018
Regular Meeting 2/15/2018Regular Meeting 3/15/18
Regular Meeting 4/19/18Regular Meeting 5-17-18
Regular Meeting 6/21/18Regular Meeting 7/19/18
Regular Meeting 8/16/18Special Meeting 9/20/18
Regular Meeting 9/20/18Special Meeting 10/18/18
Regular Meeting 10/18/18Regular Meeting 11/29/18
Regular Meeting 12/20/18
Year: 2017
Reorganization Meeting 1/3/2017Regular Meeting 1/19/2017
Regular Meeting 2/16/17Regular Meeting 3/16/17
Regular Meeting 4/20/17Regular Meeting 5/18/2017
Regular Meeting 6/15/17Regular Meeting 7/20/17
Regular Meeting 8/17/17Special Meeting 9/21/17
Regular Meeting 9/21/17Special Meeting 10/19/17
Regular Meeting 10/19/17Special Meeting 11/16/17
Regular Meeting 11/16/17Regular Meeting 12/21/17
Year: 2016
Reorganization Meeting 1/4/2016Regular Meeting 1/21/2016
Regular Meeting 2/18/2016Regular Meeting 3/17/2016
Regular Meeting 4/21/2016Regular Meeting 5/19/2016
Regular Meeting 6/16/2016Hearing 7/21/2016
Regular Meeting 7/21/2016Regular Meeting 8/21/2016
Special meeting 9-22-16Regular Meeting 9-22-16
Special meeting 10-20-16Regular Meeting 10-20-16
Special Meeting 11-17-16Regular Meeting 11-17-16
Regular Meeting 12-15-16
Year: 2015
Reorganization Meeting 1/5/2015Joint Meeting 1/13/2015
Regular Meeting 1/15/2015Regular Meeting 2/19/2015
Regular Meeting 3/19/2015Regular Meeting 4/16/2015
Special Meeting 5/17/2015Regular Meeting 5/21/2015
Special Meeting 6/11/2015Regular Meeting 6/18/2015
Regular Meeting 7/16/2015Regular Meeting 8/20/2015
Special Meeting 9/17/2015Regular Meeting 9/17/2015
Regular Meeting 10/15/2015Regular Meeting 11/19/2015
Regular Meeting 12/17/2015
Year: 2014
Regular Meeting 1/6/2014Meeting 1/6/2014
Meeting 2/20/2014Meeting 3/20/2014
Meeting 4/17/2014Meeting 5/15/2014
Regular Meeting 6/19/2014Hearing Meeting 6/19/2014
Regular Meeting 7/17/2014Regular Meeting 8/21/2014
Regular Meeting 10/16/2014Special Meeting 10/16/2014
Regular Meeting 11/20/2014Special Meeting 11/20/2014
Regular Meeting 12/18/2014
Year: 2013
Organizational Meeting 1/7/2013Regular Meeting 1/7/2013
Regular Meeting 2/14/2013Regular Meeting 3/14/2013
Regular Meeting 4/11/2013Regular Meeting 5/9/2013
Regular Meeting 6/13/2013Regular Meeting 7/11/2013
Regular Meeting 8/8/2013Regular Meeting 9/12/2013
Regular Meeting 10/10/2013Regular Meeting 11/14/2013
Workshop Meeting 11/14/2013Workshop Meeting 11/18/2013
Regular Meeting 12/12/2013
Year: 2012
Organizational Meeting 1/3/2012Regular Meeting 1/3/2012
Regular Meeting 2/9/2012Regular Meeting 3/8/2012
Regular Meeting 4/12/2012Regular Meeting 5/10/2012
Regular Meeting 6/14/2012Regular Meeting 7/12/2012
Regular Meeting 8/9/2012Regular Meeting 9/13/2012
Regular Meeting 10/11/2012Workshop Meeting 11/8/2012
Special Meeting 11/23/2012Regular Meeting 12/13/2012
Special Meeting 12/23/2012Special Meeting 12/27/2012
Year: 2011
Organizational Meeting 1/3/2011Workshop Meeting 1/3/2011
Regular Meeting 1/3/2011Regular Meeting 2/10/2011
Regular Meeting 3/10/2011Regular Meeting 4/14/2011
Regular Meeting 5/12/2011Regular Meeting 6/9/2011
Regular Meeting 7/14/2011Regular Meeting 8/11/11
Regular Meeting 9/8/11Regular Meeting 10/13/11
Regular Meeting 11/10/11Special Meeting 11/21/11
Regular Meeting 12/8/11
Year: 2010
Organizational Meeting 1/4/2010Regular Meeting 1/14/2010
Special Meeting 2/4/2010Regular Meeting 2/25/2010
Regular Meeting 3/11/2010Regular Meeting 4/8/2010
Regular Meeting 5/13/2010Regular Meeting 6/10/2010
Regular Meeting 7/8/2010Regular Meeting 8/12/2010
Regular Meeting 9/9/2010Regular Meeting 10/14/2010
Regular Meeting 11/4/2010Regular Meeting 12/09/2010
Years: 2008-2009
Please contact the township for copies.