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Lost or Found Pets

The Sanctuary at Haafsville

The Sanctuary at Haafsville
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PH: (484) 285-5445

If you and your family have pets, The Sanctuary at Haafsville recommends the following to help insure that they do not lose you or their home.

How to prevent their loss:

  • Cats are safest as indoor pets only.  If you or they feel they must go outside, please make sure that they have a breakaway collar on them that has your contact information on it.  You might also consider getting your cat microchipped.
  • Dogs must be wearing their rabies tag and dog license when they are off your property. It is a good idea to have them wear it all the time.  Microchipping your dog for identification purposes is also a good idea.

If your animal loses you:
Start by calling the relevant police department, as they are often the first persons contacted when someone finds an animal.  If an animal comes into the possession of The Sanctuary, we notify the relevant police departments below that we have your animal.

  • State Police, Fogelsville – 610-395-1438
  • State Police, Bethlehem – 610-861-2026
  • Berks/Lehigh Regional Police – 610-432-2532
  • Catasaqua Police – 610-264-0577
  • Coopersburg Police– 610-282-1444
  • South Whitehall Police – 610-398-0337
  • Slatington Police – 610-767-1846
  • Upper Saucon Police -282-0344

If they do not have your animal, you should then call The Sanctuary at Haafsville at 484-285-5445.

The Sanctuary posts found animals on, Lehigh Valley listings, under lost and found.  You can check to see if they have it or if someone else has found your animal and they have posted it on Craig’s List.

You should also check for flyers posted in the general area that your pet was lost.  Posting flyers for your lost pet is also a great idea if phone calls do not locate your animal.

If an animal finds you:
Call the relevant police department (numbers listed above).  They will save the information should an owner call looking for their animal or if a police department comes and picks up the animal.  During normal business hours, you may contact the township building at 610-767-9297 ext 1.

It is also a great idea to put out a couple flyers where the animal was found. If owners are driving around looking for their animal, they will know that you have kindly taken the animal into your home.

You can also post the animal on under lost and found.  It is a free service.

In 2010, 50% of the dogs we served were located via, 30% by flyers, 20% by calling the police.