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Driveway Permits

PLEASE NOTE:  We continue to accept and process permits, but the township office is closed. Permits can be submitted by email, mail or the permit drop box at the township building. If you are submitting a permit application by email you will need to mail or drop off a check for the application fee. Please contact the permitting office with any questions by email at or by calling 610-767-9297 x11. Staff are checking emails, mail and phone messages and performing critical business in the office and remotely.


Heidelberg Township requires driveway permits for new driveways and improvements to existing driveways on both Township and State Roads. A change of use also requires a driveway permit (ie. residential to commercial)

The Township Road Occupancy Permit ordinance reads in part:

No person, firm, corporation or other entity shall construct a new driveway,
change the use of the driveway, improve an existing driveway or any other means of
ingress or egress onto a Township road or a State road, or install storm drainage
facilities or affect the discharge or passage of drainage water onto or along a Township
road unless the Road Master or the Township representative appointed by the Board
of Supervisors, grants a permit for such grading, construction and installation. In the
case of access from a State road, two permits will be required. One from the State and
the other from the Township for construction from the road right-of-way line.
2. A permit application shall be signed by the property owner and submitted prior
to commencing work on any driveway. The application shall be on forms provided by the
Township. A construction plan in accordance with this Part and a filing fee and escrow
amount as established by resolution shall accompany the application. An approved
driveway application shall be valid for 1 year at which time if the work is not completed
No time extension will be granted. [Ord. 2010-1]

The ordinance in its entirety is attached to the Driveway Permit Application.