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Household Hazardous Waste
Yard Waste
Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs (CFLs)
Septic Systems

Heidelberg Township no longer has containers located on the side of the Township Building for recyclables. We do, however, accept rechargeable batteries and cell phones for recycling in the township office during business hours. For information on where to dispose of your other recyclables click here

Hazardous Waste
Examples of hazardous waste are oil-based paints, paint thinner, turpentine, stains, varnishes, Batteries, gasoline, gas/oil mix, Kerosene, mercury, thermometers, fluorescent tubes, roof tar, driveway sealer, pool/spa chemicals, photo chemicals, insecticides/pesticides, weed killers, fertilizers, glues/adhesives.

Lehigh County no longer offers a household hazardous waste collection program. For information on alternative suggestions to disposal, or for contact information for commercial entities who collect these items for a fee contact Lehigh County Solid Waste Management at (610) 782-3073. Visit their website for additional information about hazardous waste.

Yard Waste
Heidelberg Township does not offer a location for yard waste recycling. It is the job of the Lehigh County Solid Waste Management Department to manage and ensure that solid waste and recyclable materials are handled in an environmentally safe, reliable and efficient manner.  Please call 610-799-4177 or visit their website for more information.

Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs (CFLs)
CFLs can help you save money, use less energy, reduce light bulb changes, and lower greenhouse gas emissions, which lead to climate change.

Find out how to dispose and recycle CFLs on the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) website here.

Trash Hauling
Heidelberg Township does not have a dedicated garbage hauler.  Each property owner may choose a garbage hauler of their own choosing. The local yellow pages have a large listing of garbage haulers that do business in the Township. All garbage haulers will also pick up recyclables, but it may be on a different schedule than your regular garbage collection so ask what the recycling schedule is.  We suggest the property owner “Shop around” to see which hauler offers the best deal to the consumer.

SepticSmartSeptic Systems
Homeowners most often are responsible for maintaining their onsite wastewater treatment systems. Proper system maintenance (have your septic tank cleaned on a regular basis- about every 3 years) as well as mindful daily household use (e.g., not pouring cooking grease or harsh chemicals down the drain, using all natural household cleaners instead of harsh chemical cleaners, and water conservation efforts) will help keep a system from malfunctioning and will help to maintain their investment in their home.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) launched a national program called, SepticSmart which provides information on how a septic system works and simple and everyday tips on how to properly use and maintain a septic system.

Please refer to the EPA about SepticSmart.

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