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2014 Yard Waste Survey

Fall leavesHeidelberg Township Board of Supervisors would appreciate your input regarding plant debris/yard waste disposal within Heidelberg Township.

You may email your survey responses to

1. Copy the questions below into a new email

2. Include your name and house address

2. Keep only the answer that applies to you and delete the others

3. Send email to with the subject, 2014 Yard Waste Survey


1. How do you currently dispose of plant debris/yard waste? (Please include all that apply.)
– yard waste cart
– regular garbage
– compost
– other, please specify:

2. How often do you need to dispose of plant debris/yard waste?
– once a month
– less than once a month
– more than once a month

3. Would you, as a resident, like to have a plant debris/yard waste disposal system be instituted by Heidelberg Township AND be willing to pay for this service?
– yes- no

4. Would you be willing to pay higher township real estate taxes for this service?
– yes
– no

5. Would you be willing to drive to an off-site, neighboring municipality to dispose of your plant debris/yard waste?
– yes
– no

6. Would you prefer to have an on-site plant debris/yard waste disposal service?
– yes
– no

Please include any additional comments/concerns/suggestions.

*Responses must be received by 12:00 PM ET on December 17, 2014.

The printed survey appears in the recent Heidelberg Township newsletter. You may pick up a copy at the township office.

Thank you for your time and consideration!