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Care Packages for PA’s Military Troops

Military Troops Care PackagesHeidelberg Township: Donate and help thank those who serve

Pennsylvania’s service men and women (and their families) make remarkable personal sacrifices to ensure our country’s freedom, and PSATS wants to again share a touch of home with our hometown heroes. We will be collecting items at PSATS’ Annual Conference for a care package that will be delivered to Pennsylvania National Guard troops.

How Heidelberg Township Residents Can Help:
Drop off your contribution for care packages in the box at Heidelberg Township by April 17, 2015 5PM.

We will bring your items and put them in the collection boxes the Hershey Lodge. At the same time, we’ll add our name to our “Thank You, Troops!” signs that will also be in the lobby and will accompany our shipment.

2015 Military CollectionWhat to Bring:
The list below features approved items that are in high demand by our troops. Keep in mind, the U.S. Department of Defense prohibits certain donations.

Please donate:
Note: Individually wrapped food items are preferred.
Dried food: Beef jerky, trail mix, dried fruit, granola bars, power bars, and cereal bars
Coffee: Ground or whole; instant or drip
Powdered drink mixes: Hot or cold
Snacks: Tuna in foil packets, sunflower seeds, and plastic jars of peanut butter
Dry soups and cereals: Ramen noodles and oatmeal packs
Candy: Individually wrapped candy
Game books: Crossword puzzles, word search books, math puzzle books, and Sudoku
Table games: Dominoes, new playing cards, poker chips, and dice
Sports equipment: Nerf footballs, Whiffle balls, baseball mitts, Frisbees, and hackey sacks
Miscellaneous: Patriotic knick-knacks, U.S. flags, Pennsylvania flags, baseball hats, football jerseys, and small wind-up alarm clocks

Please do NOT donate:
The U.S. Department of Defense prohibits donations of the following:
Home-baked food
Alcohol of any kind
Glass bottles and jars
Aerosol cans and sprays
Expired or canned food
Lighters, matches, or lighter fluid
Hotel samples
VHS tapes
Contraband items (live plants, tobacco, nudity, etc.)
Hardcover books and music