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Heidelberg Township has adopted a new parking ordinance.  Ordinance no 2015-2 makes it illegal to park any vehicle that does not have a valid license, registration, or inspection on the street.  The following types of vehicles are also prohibited from parking on the street: buses, dual wheel motor homes, oversized vehicles, school buses, tractor trailers, trailers, truck campers or any prohibited material or any other vehicle except for a personal motor vehicle as defined by the ordinance.

Effective immediately, this ordinance will be strictly enforced and any vehicle in violation will be towed at the owner’s expense.  If you are the owner of such a vehicle please remove it from the street immediately and permanently.  Please be advised that in the next few weeks, vehicles that are in violation of the ordinance will be posted with a non-removable sticker.  This posting means that your vehicle is in violation and that towing is imminent.  The posting of your vehicle will be your only notice before the vehicle is towed. Voluntary removal of these vehicles immediately will save you and the township time and money and will also help to open up some much needed parking spaces.

We would also like to address a common misconception that homeowners own the street in front of their property and that it is a designated parking area for them.  This is not true, the street is a public area and as such, as long as a vehicle is parked legally it does not matter where along the street people park. Designated handicap parking areas can be used by anyone with a handicap parking placard.  We encourage you to be respectful of one another, and to talk with your neighbors to try and work things out.  Please be patient and understanding with your neighbors and their guests when people are visiting and adding to the already tight parking situation.

To view the parking ordinance in its entirety, please click the link below

Heidelberg Township Parking Ordinance