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PA Farmland Raptor Project

Wild Resource Conservation ProgramIf you’ve got 10 acres of farm or grassland and are have any interest at all in birds or endangered species, Hawk Mountain Sanctuary in Kempton is looking for your cooperation to help watch for and report on four species of farm-friendly birds, three of which are in sharp decline.

Farmer and rural landowners can join the PFRP network by signing up through the Hawk Mountain Sanctuary website, email with subject line “Farmland Raptors,” or call 610-756-6961.

Through cooperation with the Wild Resource Conservation Program, Hawk Mountain biologists are formed the Pennsylvania Farmland Raptor Project to help keep an eye on the Short-eared Owl, Barn Owl and Northern Harrier, which are three species in decline, as well as the American Kestrel, a common species that has registered a decline in sightings.

Hawk Mountain Sanctuary was founded by a New York conservation activist, Rosalie Edge, in 1934. It was incorporated in 1938 as a nonprofit organization.

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